My name is Lauren, I am 26 years old. I am French and I am fighting for gender equality through my blog Women around the World. I work in marketing and communications for a quite big company in Paris. I am graduated with masters of International Relations got at La Trobe University in Melbourne (Australia) in 2011 and got masters of international communications in Paris in 2009.

At the United Nations - Security Council

At the United Nations in NYC – Security Council

When I got back from Australia, I was searching a job and it was not an easy task at all… I had some time and therefore I thought it was the right time to start a blog about women. Especially after a year in Australia where I met girls and boys from China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Thailande… I learnt so much about life! They told me about their ways of lives back home, the traditions, the importance of religion in their lives and the relations between men and women. That’s what I want to do! If today, someone asked me “what would you like to do when you are a grown-up”, here would be my answer: “I want to learn, understand and help the World for gender equality and women’s rights!”

Since I was a kid, I have always been very interested in and curious about the way of life of women, particularly in the Middle East. From women who are still waiting for the right to vote in Saudi Arabia to Queen Rania of Jordan who fights everyday for women’s rights, I have always felt very free and independent as a Western woman.  To that end I started researching the condition and status of women across the world and writing with respect and interest about women and their rights or lack thereof; women and their struggle to be heard.