Forced marriage becomes ILLEGAL in England and Wales

Here is a quick note about a new law in England and Wales criminalising forced marriages which took effect on June 16th, 2014. This law also criminalises forcing a British national into marriage outside the UK.… Continue reading

URGENT ! Death sentence for a Sudanese woman !

A 27-year old  Sudanese woman has been sentenced to death for converting to Christianity according to Sudanese court. Mariam Yahya Ibrahim is eight-month pregnant and has been accused of apostasy (abandonment or renunciation of… Continue reading

Be who you want to be Iranian Ladies !

Thousands of Iranian women have been posting photos of themselves taking off their hijab or veil on Facebook ! A massive campaign has been growing up over social media. Masih Alinejad, an Iranian… Continue reading

Lycéennes nigérianes enlevées : le monde se mobilise !

Comme toutes les femmes du monde, et plus particulièrement comme la plupart des femmes dans les sociétés occidentales, j’ai la chance de vivre dans un environnement privilégié. J’ai eu la chance enfant et adolescent d’apprendre… Continue reading

Iraq wants to legalize marriage for 9-year old girls !

HELP ! It is so appalling to see how a country turns back. In the middle of 1970’s, fathers started to leave out child marriage and Iraq was moving toward modernity, Human rights respect and… Continue reading

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